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Synthesia International S.L.U. manufactures polyester polyols as raw material for the polyurethane industry, mainly markets Shoe Soles, Flexible Foam, Rigid Foam, Reactive Hot Melts and CASE. In his other Polyurethanes Systems Division, produces polyols and isocyanates formulated for the insulation market (spray, panels and pourings for global insulation) and the market for industrial applications (rigid polyurethane, flexible, integral skin, elastomers, etc.).

Divisions of Synthesia Internacional SLU

  • Polyester Polyols

    The Polyester Polyols division in Synthesia focuses its activity on product manufacture for the PU industry. These activities started in 1975 with a joint venture between Hooker Ibérica S.A. and Hooker Chemical. In 1982 the joint venture was dissolved and Hooker S.A. was born.

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  • PU Systems

    Synthesia started, 40 years ago, activity in the manufacture of polyurethane systems for the insulation market, pioneering in Spain in the manufacture of systems for polyurethane projection in situ. Subsequently expanded his range of products designed and formulated polyurethane systems for industrial applications. Today it is referenced in the polyurethane market as isolation as industrial applications.

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