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SYNTHESIA INTERNACIONAL S.L.U., founded in 2008, focuses on the traditional business activity of Synthesia Española S.A., which consists of the manufacture and marketing of chemicals, polyesters and polyurethane systems for thermal insulation, soundproofing and various industrial applications.

Since its beginnings in the field of polyurethanes, SYNTHESIA has been strongly committed to in-house research and development and is currently one of the few independent companies in the industry with its own technology. In the 70's it started a strategy of "downstream" vertical integration, in order to have a certain degree of autonomy in some raw materials.

This strategic policy also led to the subsequent implementation of the saturated polyester manufacturing unit. The company has developed a wide range of innovative, high performance products, in order to offer solutions and benefits to customers. Its products are basically aimed at the shoe, flexible, rigid and CASE markets.

The keys to the success of SYNTHESIA have always revolved around four areas: a large and well selected portfolio, a strong export orientation, innovation aimed at detecting and adapting to market needs, and strong operating efficiency.

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  • Polyester Polyols

    The Polyester Polyols division in Synthesia focuses its activity on product manufacture for the PU industry. These activities started in ...

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  • PU Systems

    Synthesia started its PU systems activity offering Spray Foam systems for thermal insulation. As one of the first companies to bring out ...

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